Lokal Bar

The lokalbar is a POP-UP RADIO show hosted by Tony Doe featuring interactive sessions with actual patrons of partner venues. It streams real time online and can be accessed anywhere in the world via the internet on our exclusive Radio App, PCs, Mobile devices and even in Smart Cars.
What we’re bringing to the table is a novel form of entertainment, a blend of banter, pop quizzes and raving Naija Music to a LIVE Bar audience. It’s also an opportunity for alcoholic brands and partner spots to run cost effective ads that can be heard all over the world on Lokal FM.
Value For the partner hosts:
1. Online publicity
2. Increased patronage
3. Free Internet Radio Interview (recorded for posterity).
Our Requirements from partner venues:
1. Space/Booths
2. Furniture
3. Tech assistance (plug in points, additional sound [amplifiers+speakers], power, etc).
4. WiFi
5. Branded souvenirs/Gift items
6. Security

For Enquiries: