Lokal DJ

Dear DJ,
…ever considered streaming your LIVE DJ set to the entire world? Do you know it’s a simple process with Lokal FM? For a subscription fee, you can set up a Guest DJ account with us and go LIVE via our platform. Or submit your mixes to be played back at a scheduled time. Here’s why you should consider it:
The party extends beyond your physical constituency
Your fan base witnesses an increase from around the world
Potential clients may jump on the ‘remote’ DJ experience, if you can’t make it there physically!

Specifications [For Live Streaming]
You’ll require an adequate PC/Laptop to stream from as well as Hi-Speed internet.

Basic Configuration:
Dual Core/Quad core minimum, RAM [4GB minimum]
HDD [500GB @ 7,200 rpm minimum]

We’ll provide you with software and Guest DJ access details to our platform.
All you have to do is…
Sign up. Set up. Plug in.
Mix and Go LIVE!
For More Information: