The Biggest Tree by iBoro (PayBac), a new genre of music dedicated to the depressed West African kids.

Hanson iBoro Caleb, also known as paybac is an Afro Hip-Hop/world music artiste from Lagos, Nigeria. He has released 3 collaborative projects, “The Broken Speaker Symphony”(2014) and “The Other Side Of The Radio”(2015) with producer Charlie X as well as “Face Off” under the collective “The lost and Found” with boogey and Charlie X(2016).  He also put out a solo mixtape in 2014 “The IBoro Tape”.
The Biggest Tree is his debut album. The genre bending body of work has been heralded with creating a new sound and genre. The Biggest Tree is an ode to the millions of depressed west african kids that are overlooked while their mental illness is attributed to superstitious beliefs and religious short comings. The project was produced by a host of producers namely Tibi Tom (SA), black intelligence, SynX, Og, Bobby Combz, 3rty, Tizzy tunes, EINSTEINMADSCIENTIST and Carthasis and was engineered for the most part by ChX.
Iboro(paybac) has a wide range of influences ranging from the Beatles to lil uzi vert and this has given his music a theme centered approach while still allowing him get lost in whatever vibes may be present. You can find him through his contact info below.

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Inside dis package so, we keep up with Nas business ventures, plus bring you de tori of a 10year old wey celebrate birthday for Warri use de opportunity launch her first book! And then of course we round off with music from new afrobeats sensation, Jilex. Enjoy!
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So I’m back in the trenches and stretching my video production skills while marketing my pidgin voice-overs.
By God’s grace, there’ll be a weekly youtube show making its debut this Friday and hopes to “air” every Friday.
I’m taking The Weekly Show concept I developed late last year to TV.
I’ll do my best to feature exclusives from the world of entertainment with as much wit and humour as I can muster!
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So I called up my trusted Naija Siri, Laitan Meadows and we chopped up these gems in a few minutes.

Here’s the reaction we got:

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Oh, here’s what we did by the way…

#AsaLiveInLagos : Tweet Reactions from the Thoroughly Satisfied

She’s come a long way from the days before the dreads and make-up, when we jammed [just once, sha] in a neighborhood barbershop.

I used to wear them ankara tops which she liked a lot and wondered why I had such a funny stage name [i no go tell una…]

Even then she enthralled me with her aura.

Now, it’s even bigger than I ever imagined it would be. And not that I didn’t imagine it to be quite huge, but this is the stuff of dreams.

She didn’t have to compromise, even when judges at a talent hunt thought KC Presh were bigger prospects.

Anyway, Asa came, sang and conquered and for posterity’s sake I thought to share these tweets on a night I’ll long regret for not attending!!!



So Obinna has conveniently abandoned regular blog posts or articles for this short bursts of quips and anecdotes abi?

Not to worry. We’re fine with it and I’m sure, the artistes don’t mind either.

This is a good one aimed at the “industry” itself.

Cue appropriate instrumentals…

Read. Learn.



So, you thought Obinna was done with y’all abi?

Sorry o, we’re turning this into a long term series like #Empire or #Power  or something.

Obinna’s back with his A&R bites and this time targets artiste collaborations!!!

Remember that song by Deebee [collabo]?

You get the instrumental?

Oya cue dat wan. We don tire for Biggie own!!!

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