My good friend Kingsley Obum-Egbulem has embarked on a national campaign to save the Nigerian child from irresponsibility, targeting the parents as vanguards of the moral institution.

What began as notes shared on social media has led him to develop a series of podcasts where he shares…

 profound and unconventional truths that have shaped his parenting journey and that of many parents who have committed to purposeful parenting.


And guess who provides his intro and outro?

Listen below:


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A good friend of mine, Kingsley Obum-Egbulem, with a keen desire for keeping healthy living standards and who happens to be Executive Director of Dreams Home Furnishing approached me in 2012 and asked if we could develop a radio show to address the deadly Hepatitis Disease.

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Prior to our meeting I had no idea how deadly this disease was and how careless habits could bring upon its wrath if not checked on time, especially the prevalent Hepatitis B virus.

He encouraged the research and aided by my wife (who voiced the intro), we were able to develop a season of 13 episodes, roughly 5 minutes each.

The show aired in Lagos (City 105.1FM) and Abuja (Nigeria Info 95.1FM) during the breakfast belt on Thursdays and is available on Soundcloud.

You can listen here: THE HEPATITIS RADIO SHOW

It is important to know the state of your health. Do get tested today.