My BRMC February 2018 Experience…

This was the most mature class encountered yet, but I believe there are no age limits to pursuing a career in broadcasting. In fact, there’s always a demographic void or programme category that needs to be filled at one point or the other. And for some of them, taking advantage of New Age broadcast skills could improve their other businesses.
I talked about the benefits of podcasting.
In my hour long ramble, I highlighted the limitless possibilities available when it came to choosing a topic or area of podcasting interest. I mentioned a podcast dedicated to dog owners, not the type of show you would find on regular radio. I shared with an enthusiastic class, though without props sake of say my equipment no folo me come… but with enough body language and dramatization, that each and every one them could develop and share an engaging, interesting podcast. And they would find an audience.
Afterwards, I was approached by a few of them who wanted to know if they could expand their ideas. One had a successful sport betting tip gig running on Whatsapp. He wondered if he could expand it into a podcast. Why not?
Another had been sharing via blogs and social media, encouraging tidbits for Nigerian Startups. Can he turn it into a podcast? Again, why not?
To encourage every bit of action towards achieving a podcast dream, I mentioned that even without the heavy machinery [studio tools], a decent enough smart phone could be useful. There are apps available on the various app stores and even a podcast company has taken steps to make the experience wholesome from recording to editing and then sharing on social media.
So, do you have a great idea for a podcast? Can you do consistent research into the topics you will discuss or the people you want to talk about? Are you patient and persistent? Here are a few resource tools that can aid your podcast dream:
Best Podcast Equipment (For Beginners & Pros) 2018
8 Major Podcast Predictions for 2018
Top Podcasting Blogs & Websites (2017 Edition)


I had an awesome time speaking on Podcasting at The Broadcast Radio Master Class [March 2017 Edition] put together by my good friend Fola “4Lah” Afolayan.
I particularly doff my hat to professionals such as Victor Orhorhoro and Tola “Jinjah” Adeogun. Both experts made teaching a breeze blending long drawn lessons with practical perspectives and updated techniques in News Reading and Radio Imaging and Production.
A big shout out to Faith Dafe Joseph too for her input and it was great seeing an old colleague again!
I noticed with pleasure during my session an array of creative minds that could do well by taking advantage of podcast’s novelty to launch their great ideas and contribute to radio’s alternative while catering to narrow audiences. It might seem a daunting task at first but practice and resilience should provide profitable long term results.
Take advantage of the November Class by registering here.

L-R: Faith Dafe Joseph,Tola Jinjah, Fola Afolayan,Tony Doe, Sola Animashaun


Lokal FM: A Review…

“I downloaded the LokalFM app recently and decided to listen nonstop for a week, to see if all it’s hyped up to be is true. As a Nigerian in the diaspora, I sometimes lose track of the latest Nigerian music releases. In the week that I listened to LokalFM, I definitely got caught up! Even though my one-week experiment is long over (and yes, the hype is true), I will continue to listen to LokalFM. It is my one-stop radio station to satisfy all my Naija music cravings.
This is definitely one platform advertisers need to jump on. LokalFM has the potential to be a highly successful enterprise with listenership spanning Africans all over the world. I have no doubt that Tony Doe Onwuchekwa still has a lot of ideas on how to take his online radio platform to the next level up his sleeves. If he keeps up his current level of hard work and dedication to the craft, he will achieve his dreams and much more.”

Maureen Onyeziri
Microbiology Ph.D. Student, Indiana University Bloomington.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we happily announce the availability of our app on the App Store!

LokalFM is an online radio station featuring informative entertainment targeted at Nigerian & African audiences. THE VISION is to be a leading aural source of informed entertainment [music, news, etc.] albeit in pidgin. THE MISSION, is to showcase the best of Naija content to the world, highlighting triumphs in the arts and technology!
This application is the official, exclusive application for Lokal FM under an agreement between Lokal FM and Nobex Technologies.

The app is designed for iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches.

Applications for Android and BlackBerry devices will soon be available!


The World Radio Day is in its 6th year this Monday February 13, 2017.

UNESCO invites all radio stations and supporting organisations to celebrate radio and how it helps shape our lives!

No doubt,

“Radio is still the most dynamic, reactive and engaging medium there is, adapting to 21st century changes and offering new ways to interact and participate. Where social media and audience fragmentation can put us in media bubbles of like-minded people, radio is uniquely positioned to bring communities together and foster positive dialogue for change. By listening to its audiences and responding to their needs, radio provides the diversity of views and voices needed to address the challenges we all face.

Radio informs us and transforms us, through entertainment, information and audience participation.  Having a radio means you are never alone – you always have a friend in radio. “

To this effect we at Lokal FM are dedicating Monday February 13th’s online streaming to good ol’ radio featuring the biggest Naija Radio Hits, fans speaking about Radio’s impact on their lives, excerpts from Radio’s archives and other features related to #WorldRadioDay.

Do join us online as we celebrate with Radio Stations all over the world with the theme: “Radio Is You!”

My good friend Ekemini Joseph will also have a Live interactive feed on Facebook with the theme from 9am on Monday, please don’t miss it!

Download the Lokal FM Android App here.



It’s been a long time coming.
Many spurts, stutters [still happening sef] but somehow against the grain I’ve started it and there’s a purpose behind this movement.
I’ve dreamed of “owning” my own station and while this is still on a borrowed platform, it allows me bring my experience and experimental tendencies with fewer restrictions or managerial hinderances.
Still, it’s expensive, time consuming and nerve wracking especially as I’m doing it all by my lonely.
Good friends have offered advice, skill and moral support where needed but now it goes beyond that.
I need funds to run it.
But I’m confident that will come.
First the vision…to be a leading aural source of informed entertainment [music, news, etc.] albeit in pidgin.
The Mission, is to showcase the best of Naija content to the world, highlighting triumphs in the arts and technology!
“LokalFM is a pidgin variety station featuring informative entertainment targeted at Nigerian & African audiences at home & abroad.”
I even coined a format for it [PVR] Contemporary Pidgin Variety Radio.
I look forward to you joining me on this journey as artistes who need to be heard, tech gurus with stories to tell, service providers confident enough to advertise on this platform, trusting in its vision.
Lokal FM will also be a platform for aspiring radio talents embracing new technologies to improve their skills.
So, are you with me?

Listen to LOKAL FM!