A trip to Dubai for our sophomore honeymoon (after 3 years of bliss) was on the cards initially but we decided to visit the Whispering Palms again as we had done in December 2015 with my mum and son in tow. This time it was strictly for the couple and we had 3 nights to play with! Continue reading “A TRIP TO BADAGRY…”


So, I tinkered with this station ident, of course with the permission of Lazim Tha Bard (part of an evolving Creative Radio Gang I’m building) and these were his thoughts…

This right here is just the way I think! -Quick, Succint, Dramatic, Brief & Straight to the Point.

– Lazim Tha Bard Austine (Production Manager/Sound Engineer -City105.1fm)

So, need one for your station as well?

We’re pretty cost-effective!

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A good friend of mine, Kingsley Obum-Egbulem, with a keen desire for keeping healthy living standards and who happens to be Executive Director of Dreams Home Furnishing approached me in 2012 and asked if we could develop a radio show to address the deadly Hepatitis Disease.

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Prior to our meeting I had no idea how deadly this disease was and how careless habits could bring upon its wrath if not checked on time, especially the prevalent Hepatitis B virus.

He encouraged the research and aided by my wife (who voiced the intro), we were able to develop a season of 13 episodes, roughly 5 minutes each.

The show aired in Lagos (City 105.1FM) and Abuja (Nigeria Info 95.1FM) during the breakfast belt on Thursdays and is available on Soundcloud.

You can listen here: THE HEPATITIS RADIO SHOW

It is important to know the state of your health. Do get tested today.



A friend of mine who’s an exceptional DJ is working on rebranding his act as well changing his moniker.

Guess who he hollered at for a quick fix?

That’s right, me!

And while we’re still working out the finer points, here’s what I came up with in the shortest possible time!

If you need a custom made pack for yourself or a DJ you know, holler at me real quick before the creative juices run out of flavour!

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Inspired by Naija Pop trends, this sweeper idea I just tinkered with may be suitable for radio right after the speechband, a commercial sweep, the News – or even at an event, once the MC is done rambling.

It contains soundbites from Frank Ordega, Riley Freeman, Lil Jon and Olamide (off the famous Headies’ rant)!

Use with caution!!!

Download and Enjoy!



A deep passion for the Radio Broadcast profession has compelled me to put a few thoughts together on the best way to go about Radio Presentation or to highlight the true qualities of today’s On-Air-Personality.
Raw Voice Talent. A radio friendly drawl, a voice that sounds like the owner has a permanent smile. A voice that evokes joy even in the depth of despair. A voice when heard over the airwaves convinces the listener of its utterance. It could be deep, serious, and yet cheery! A voice matters. Maybe not as much as it used to with quite a number of raspy individuals who get away with large fan bases today but you must have a VOICE!
When you’re sure of what you have and if it suits your desire to go on radio and disturb the peace, you must know how to use your Voice. Inflections, low tones, phonetics and proper diction. This you need to study for. There are many schools online who offer these lessons. You can watch your favourite Television shows but I do beg you to exercise discretion when picking mentors from the tube. Watch Newscasts. For those who have satellite television, listen up for English Adverts too. Learn how to use and refer to your copy of the Cambridge Pronouncing Dictionary. Once you sound right, you won’t be worried about having an accent.
Imitate other voices. Yes, do this but not for long. Do it to have a gauge of what you may sound like until you’re sure of how you should sound. Quickly ditch that which has been imitated and comfortably come into your own.
And now, for the short bursts dedicated to the employed OAP…
#‎DearPresenter, absorb your environment, know your community. It fosters kinship with your listener.
#‎DearPresenter, your allegiance is to the listener who depends on you for authoritative information education & entertainment.
#‎DearPresenter, you lost the call not the caller.
Hope you find thes tips useful?
Get in touch and let me know.



A while ago, I offered to do a few jingles for free and I got 3 willing participants.

Their reactions…
“I Love this piece of art, my friends love it too! It’s a great job professionally done. The background is awesome and the voice is cool and flavoured. Thanks for the job well done. You are highly recommended for professional adverts and voice overs.”
” Just listened to the jingle… I faint wake. Na you be this? God bless you, keep doing what you’re doing!”
“Many thanks bro. I just luv the wonderful job you have done. I do appreciate so much!”
… And if you need customized services for your radio jingle, dj drops, narrations and so on at affordable fees… I’ll be here. Talk to me.