So we kicked off the Tony Doe Radio Bootcamp on Saturday, July 4, 2018. The participants were close associates [Seyi Olaleye, Iruo Umusu & Ibrahim MB], mostly involved in web and game development. These guys were looking for better ways to enhance audio for their Mobile Games, Tech Vlogs and Podcasts. Continue reading “RECAP: TONY DOE’S RADIO BOOTCAMP [JULY EDITION]”

Are Nigerian Rappers Lazy? [A LokalFM Special]

So, J Cole Came And Conquered Lagos, Had Fans Spitting Verses Off His Just Released KOD Album. And Then Pandemonium Broke Out On Social Media. Swiftly, Industry Players, Fans, Social Media Influencers And Rappers Themselves Pitched Tents With Aligned Thoughts.
It Got Ugly Quick.
But It Has Raised Questions That Demand Answers.
How Hard Does A Nigerian Rapper Have To Work To Deserve Some Accolades?
Melody Hassan [City 105.1fm], Paul “Scraggy D Bone” Okogie, [Retired MC], Obinna “D’Angry Mob” Agwu [Music Business Expert], Segun “Da Boomsha” Ayinla [MC/Legal Expert] & Benjamin “Bugzy” Kadiri [Owner, GAPRadio], offer insights.

My BRMC February 2018 Experience…

This was the most mature class encountered yet, but I believe there are no age limits to pursuing a career in broadcasting. In fact, there’s always a demographic void or programme category that needs to be filled at one point or the other. And for some of them, taking advantage of New Age broadcast skills could improve their other businesses.
I talked about the benefits of podcasting.
In my hour long ramble, I highlighted the limitless possibilities available when it came to choosing a topic or area of podcasting interest. I mentioned a podcast dedicated to dog owners, not the type of show you would find on regular radio. I shared with an enthusiastic class, though without props sake of say my equipment no folo me come… but with enough body language and dramatization, that each and every one them could develop and share an engaging, interesting podcast. And they would find an audience.
Afterwards, I was approached by a few of them who wanted to know if they could expand their ideas. One had a successful sport betting tip gig running on Whatsapp. He wondered if he could expand it into a podcast. Why not?
Another had been sharing via blogs and social media, encouraging tidbits for Nigerian Startups. Can he turn it into a podcast? Again, why not?
To encourage every bit of action towards achieving a podcast dream, I mentioned that even without the heavy machinery [studio tools], a decent enough smart phone could be useful. There are apps available on the various app stores and even a podcast company has taken steps to make the experience wholesome from recording to editing and then sharing on social media.
So, do you have a great idea for a podcast? Can you do consistent research into the topics you will discuss or the people you want to talk about? Are you patient and persistent? Here are a few resource tools that can aid your podcast dream:
Best Podcast Equipment (For Beginners & Pros) 2018
8 Major Podcast Predictions for 2018
Top Podcasting Blogs & Websites (2017 Edition)


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Kaycee is a handful!

Took a lot of cajoling to get him on the podcast and when he came through he didn’t disappoint.

He remains one of the most honest and blunt voices on social media in matters of artiste management and more. His grating sense of humour is expressed in our fun conversation.


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He is the Editor-in-Chief of leading New Media Publisher,

He co-hosts the popular podcast series, The Loosetalk Podcast and describes himself as a Pop Culture Enthusiast.

Our conversations covered Naija Pop Culture and the On-Air-Bot syndrome among other things.

Enjoy as Lokal FM Meets Osagz!

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