My journey began as an intern in the early 2000s, when I functioned as a Production Assistant with Lagos State Television (LTV/LWT).

In 2004, I interned as a presenter with EKO 89.75fm,  where I featured on the evening drivetime shows as well as Friday Nights. I also did voice-over bits for programme promos and Public Service Announcements.

In 2007 I gained my first full time employment with the Continental Broadcasting Service, home to Television Continental News and Entertainment as well as Radio Continental 102.3FM, where I functioned as Producer/Presenter and even had a brief stint on Television as host of then LunchSplash on TVC. 

THE CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST SHOW and KUBANJE DIRECT are among a number of shows I hosted on radio. Other functions included News Reading, Narration for TVCNews’ Sport Segments, Music Direction, Audio Imaging and Production and Automation Software Management.

In 2012, I performed functions as Production Manager with City 105.1fm. I also hosted the breakfast show and read the flagship news.

I’m an associate member of the Nigerian Voice Bank and have done a few International promos including one for Careers24 in 2014.

In 2015, I provided voice-over narration for a syndicated radio show called “The Ogbonge Man”. It featured inspiring stories told in Pidgin English and aired on radio stations across the Nation.

In 2016, I provided voice-over services for the GLO CAF AWARDS 2016 nominees’ list.

I am the Content Controller/Owner of Lokal FM, an internet radio station dedicated to informatively entertaining Nigerians at home and abroad with the best selection of Naija hits and exclusive podcasts.

I’m married to the beautiful Broadcaster cum Travel Consultant Catherine Chika Onwuchekwa and we have two awesome kids, Joey and Joella Onwuchekwa.

I love football, music, animation and action comedy.


8 thoughts on “ABOUT ME”

  1. Ever Evolving and still Shining Mr Tony Doe!Great work on your brand developement;starting fresher and better in 2016. Inspired!

  2. It’s great to witness the progress. Started from the bottom, heading up! I remember the LTV and Radio Continental days well. You deserve every achievment and accolade you get from here on out. You’ve paid mad dues!!!!

  3. Then I have a lot to learn from you…. Maybe just maybe, all these while that hasn’t worked out well was for me to meet up with you and be equipped for what the industry had to throw at me…. You’ve come a long way Mr Joe…

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