“My music” says Bem Sar “is like riding a horse that is swimming in the ocean.”
Bem has had a diverse musical career spanning over two decades. With a wide range of influences, from Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Fred Hammond to alternative artists like John butler, Jon Gomm and Pierre Bensusan, Bem has become known for his audacious blend of alternative rock with RnB, jazz and gospel.
Bem began reaching a whole new audience performing at festivals, establishing himself as a serious music manager and lending his voice to causes bordering on social security.
His brand new EP project, “CHRONICLES OF THE IMITRAITOR”, was born out of efforts to address the ongoing genocide and mayhem by herdsmen invasions in various communities across Nigeria. This work marks a significant transition in his musical journey. The EP is released on his online store, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and others.
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Currently, Bem Sar is the A&R Manager for Mad Dragon Entertainment, a record label operating in and out of Benue, Nigeria.
Instagram – @bem_sar1
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Twitter – @bemsar
Phone – +2348055482309
Description of the EP:
“CHRONICLES OF THE IMITRAITOR ” is a spiritual address to the unbridled killings and destruction by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, considered to be the fourth largest terrorist group in the world.
The predominantly guitar driven tracks portray the desperate plight of Internally Displaced Persons and their various hopes and dreams.

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