It’s been a long time coming.
Many spurts, stutters [still happening sef] but somehow against the grain I’ve started it and there’s a purpose behind this movement.
I’ve dreamed of “owning” my own station and while this is still on a borrowed platform, it allows me bring my experience and experimental tendencies with fewer restrictions or managerial hinderances.
Still, it’s expensive, time consuming and nerve wracking especially as I’m doing it all by my lonely.
Good friends have offered advice, skill and moral support where needed but now it goes beyond that.
I need funds to run it.
But I’m confident that will come.
First the vision…to be a leading aural source of informed entertainment [music, news, etc.] albeit in pidgin.
The Mission, is to showcase the best of Naija content to the world, highlighting triumphs in the arts and technology!
“LokalFM is a pidgin variety station featuring informative entertainment targeted at Nigerian & African audiences at home & abroad.”
I even coined a format for it [PVR] Contemporary Pidgin Variety Radio.
I look forward to you joining me on this journey as artistes who need to be heard, tech gurus with stories to tell, service providers confident enough to advertise on this platform, trusting in its vision.
Lokal FM will also be a platform for aspiring radio talents embracing new technologies to improve their skills.
So, are you with me?

Listen to LOKAL FM!


Author: Tony Doe

Voice-Overs, Radio Imaging & Production, Podcasts, Internet Radio.

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