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Hello dear colleagues…would you care to share your inspirational story in a few quips please?
“How did you get into radio?”
Why Radio?”
The comment section awaits…

Adesege Westsyde Adeniji:  I created the iconic ‘StandUp Nigeria’ jingle [‘Ah ah what happin’] with Bunmi Davies which eventually caught the attention of Femi Sowoolu, who then threw me on my first radio gig hosting the breakfast show on Radio Continental in a baptism of fire from which the phoenix arose and my radio persona ‘Westsyde the best side’ was born. The rest? History.

Yugee Bamidele: I’ve always loved the radio studio environment & have always dreamt of being there. I grew up listening to radio from the AM era to the early FM & urban FM era we’re at right now. So in University, while studying industrial chemistry, I noticed how inefficient my school’s Mass Comm. Radio was & decided to start my own virtual radio around the school’s hostel environment to fill the information & entertainment void. Everyone loved it because of the News, Entertainment & exclusive interviews from A-list artistes that were trending at the time.

After school, I enrolled for a few professional courses.

But my experience from Abia State University groomed me for the big league in which I play right now.

Radio gives me the opportunity to take full control & create images in the listener’s head using my voice, which requires a lot of skill, no aesthetic, no make up, just sounds.

Tunmise Kuku: Kuku I was given a letter to Lekan Ogunbanwo back in 2001, after a brief internship at MITV. I was drafted to a production team. Words being my armour, I wrote scripts until October 1 2001 when the presenter of top striker, a show I was a production assistant on couldn’t make it. The rest is history.

Why radio? The power of words and how it can create things. Simply put, The strength to manipulate language to set positive agenda.

Lazim Tha Bard Austine: I always wanted to join the Rap Culture crew (Eldee XL, Andre Blaze) back in Rhythm 93.7 PH because of the hiphop gospel they preached each weekend. Fortunately, I made it there after all. So I think Rap music made me think about being a radio emcee and hiphop show host. I loved the art of talking to impact lives with a few or nobody recognising you. That’s the sweetness of radio. However I also wanted to learn something else apart from talking, so in 2013, Spaceman advised I acquire extra skills as a production guy. I did that, learnt a couple of stuff or more. Fast-forward to today, I’m just a humble radio producer!

Keji Kshow Sowoolu: Well I certainly see nothing inspirational about my story as the story hasn’t even started yet but obviously, It had to be radio since I was born into it a la my father bla bla bla.

And how I got on was through my good friend Gochu Enwereji who came up with the hiphop ride show and asked me to present it for him. The rest as they don’t say, isn’t history yet as history hasn’t been made, it’s still in the making.

Meadows Laitan: Well, I followed my Broadcasting dreams after service year, and attended FRCN training school for a Basic Presentation course, during which I went for my internship at Rockcityfm, Abeokuta, then got retained afterwards.

Seth Igwe: Hmmm my story of how I got on radio is one that sure teaches on perseverance! I’ve always been a talker and didn’t quite realize my ‘calling’ for radio until my 3rd year in school (2008).

Yes, I’ve been blessed with a great voice, but had to attend FRCN basic presentation course in 2012. But before now, I attended my very first audition in 2010 at Cool FM Portharcourt. Of course I got a ‘NO’! I got 18 other ‘NOs’ after this. From Cool FM Lagos, to Rhythm Lagos, City FM, Rainbow FM, Beat FM, Inspiration FM, Today FM, Port-Harcourt, Magic FM, Aba, Planet FM, Uyo.

I finally ended up having a stint with an online radio station in Lagos, Reel radio. Ever grateful to Uche Okoli for believing in the potentials of a young man yearning for a place to learn the arts and grow!

Relocated to Port- Harcourt in 2013 and got my first real break with Raypower thanks to Olaore Olu, Denis Aluaye Ikems and Olalekan Chocoberry Da O’square. Then moved to Love FM, then Hot FM, Owerri till date.

Radio gives me a platform to fully express my ‘madness’ [laughs]. I also love the fact that I could be picking my nose in the studio while talking and no one sees sh*t. Radio is a blind medium so unlike TV, it needs a lot of creativity to paint a story for the listener to visualize. Here’s the medium that needs the creativity I’ve been so blessed with.

Tosin Ajayi:  Hmmn, if you ask me, the matter wey you see so, e tey wey e start. (In Omawunmi’s voice)

I got addicted to radio when I was a child, I never missed the drama series – ‘straight from the heart’ back then on Raypower. My father noticed and bought me one of those tiny radios that had just scan and reset button and an ear piece. (Nepa or no Nepa, I didn’t miss any episode). I was always intrigued. I just loved the suspense and I wondered how people with wonderful voices were able to act so well even when they were not being seen.

Well fast forward a bit, I found myself studying mass communication and shortly after, I went in for basic presentation course at the FRCN training school. At that time, I knew the voices and names of all the presenters at Radio Continental so in between my course, I went there for internship. After the course, I applied again for internship. I observed and soaked in all I could while putting my best into my assignments. Few months down the line I was given an appointment letter.

Fast forward again, today, I handle the Sunday morning shift and I present the station’s children’s show – ‘Box of Goodies’ (which won the NBMA, best kiddies show on radio). I laugh when I meet the kids who listen to my show as they always try to match my voice with my face. It’s really an awesome feeling.

Ekemini Joseph:  It started when I was a kid. I loved playing on the floor with stones and beans. My mum told my dad I was going wild. Viam! Na so dem take me go make I intern for one electrical shop. My love for electronics began (the basis of my knowledge when I built a transmitting kit). When I was a kid, I used to listen to BBC Drama on my day 12 batteries radio. I had love for writing and story-telling.

I wrote scripts for FRCN Pacesetter 103.5 Fm, Umuahia. That’s where I started. Working for a lady (I haven’t met till today) named Blessing Agu. Weekend Splash was the programme. I started sending small bits of content to a producer in Atlantic too.

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