#AsaLiveInLagos : Tweet Reactions from the Thoroughly Satisfied

She’s come a long way from the days before the dreads and make-up, when we jammed [just once, sha] in a neighborhood barbershop.

I used to wear them ankara tops which she liked a lot and wondered why I had such a funny stage name [i no go tell una…]

Even then she enthralled me with her aura.

Now, it’s even bigger than I ever imagined it would be. And not that I didn’t imagine it to be quite huge, but this is the stuff of dreams.

She didn’t have to compromise, even when judges at a talent hunt thought KC Presh were bigger prospects.

Anyway, Asa came, sang and conquered and for posterity’s sake I thought to share these tweets on a night I’ll long regret for not attending!!!



Author: Tony Doe

Voice-Overs, Radio Imaging & Production, Podcasts, Internet Radio.