Traffic Shows that Rock! #RadioTalks With Ekemini Joseph

Ekemini Joseph returns with some useful tips on how to run a great traffic radio show!!! Enjoy the read.

The Traffic show or the Rush hour show or Drivetime show or the cruise show or the I-am-getting-home Show is a show meant to jejely take people home after a day’s job. Today, almost all radio stations have variations of traffic shows to fit their target audience. The competition is bottlenecked and you probably want the whole city to turn up and call in to your show alone, all the taxis to blast your dial on their car radio. I can’t assure you 100% but with these few checks you’ll get at least 85% of the city listening.

1. Music choice: Remember your listener had a very long and hectic day at work. Your job is to get him/her home glad and revived. What music genre could you play? Rock? Hip Hop? Dancehall? Country? Blues? Techno? Raggae? Highlife? If your radio is a continuous rock station, probably the listener tuned in to get the rock songs. There is another listener who would tune off to a station that plays techno. So you get what it is? Mix them songs. Mix it. A techno with a rock. Hip Hop with Country Rock. Yes, i said it. Country rock. Country music that is in the rock genre. I don’t mean Jim Reeve or Tim Stafford. I mean Country rock. A Dee-Jay with a great sense of music can just be the magic. “Music gets to the marrow”- Get that right. Your listenership is large, you should try and suit them. Meanwhile, another way is available. Play a genre a day. Rock on Monday. Old school on Tuesday and so on.

2. The things you talk about: Because it’s a traffic show doesn’t mean it should be all about ‘what is traffic?’. It’s lame when you say the same things 5 days out of 7 and expect the city to leave other stations and listen to you. Talk about things that trend, celebrities, movies hitting the cinemas, a little touch of socio-economic issues. A lot of humour. Drop a quiz for banter. Take calls about traffic with these spiced. Do a top 5. Make it a show, not a shift!

3. Be personal: It is not an official programme. I mean it shouldn’t be straight. Take the golden rule into play. If it were you listening, how would you love the presenter to sound. Don’t be harsh with the callers even when they need Amadioha kind of thunder to scare them aware from their radio set while calling. Be kind. Be gentle. Swallow pride. You are to serve. You are a public servant even on a private station.

4. Segmentize the show: It may not have a segment in quote but have things you’ll do through the time frame. The first 30 minutes, songs intertwined with chit chat. 1 hour or 30 minutes calls with music and lots more (for stations that have time).

5. Spice the show with contest, games, pranks: For pranks and the likes, that’s a topic for another day.

6. Have a Co-host: Need i say more here? You know the benefits already, right?

7. Make good use of social media: Twitter probably rocks when you talk traffic. Facebook can also get you a whole lot of followership. Get into the groove and rock your airwaves like a king or queen.

P.S: This article may seem directed at the presenter. But not only. It goes also to the Producer, Head of Programmes {Programme Director, Programme Overseer, as its suits your station}. Head of Presenters, etc.

Have a great week ahead!


Author: Tony Doe

Voice-Overs, Radio Imaging & Production, Podcasts, Internet Radio.