What is Radio? (Vox-Pop and my inputs) By Funso Akin Adesanya

Funso Akin Adesanya is a respected friend and ally, thorough in his approach to broadcast research and is a highly unsung Radio Producer among many other things. This piece on Radio is as insightful as it can ever be.

The focus today will be on people’s opinions on what radio means to them. I went to the streets to sample diverse opinions; the revelation is “Televised” as we are Live-on-Air. Enjoy!!!

Frank (Accountant): Radio means, hmmmmm, well, I don’t really know, I just feel radio is that device that plays music and programmes.

Muktar (Un-employed): Radio is a music device.

Maria (Banker): Radio is not even my kind of… I’m not really a radio fan at all.

Jeremiah (Student, Covenant University): Radio is good when you drive, they play some good music.

Ibrahim (Security officer/Petty trader): I dey listen to radio for my shop every time.

Tosin (Tailor): Well, radio makes me work faster when I work and listen.

Well, these opinions differ from each other. But one thing caught my attention, none of the respondents saw radio as a channel where “Quality” “Useful” and “Timed” information is being disseminated for on the spot public use.
The advantage a radio carries can never be over emphasized. You can read it tomorrow on the front page of Newspapers; Watch it tonight on the News; but, you can hear it Now on your radio. Radio is a medium that meets deadlines. It meets immediate needs and covers the information, education, entertainment and moral depth of the society.

Radio is society’s best friend!

Before the advent of that “Rampaging” device called TV, radio was the creme. Families would seat around it at specific times to listen to different programmes at different times.
Before we begin to examine where radio lost it, I feel we must first answer some key questions:

  1. How and when did radio actually loose its position?
  2. Why are people not seeing all of the qualities radio possess?
  3. Do these qualities still exist on radio stations?
  4. How does radio return to its dominant position or at least get a reasonable chunk of the market share (loyal listeners)?

These questions beg for answers.
Part two of What is Radio will give good answers to the four questions. Look out for it!

Akin Adesanya


Author: Tony Doe

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