Ekemini Joseph is a Radio Enthusiast and more. He built 2 transmitters at different times to broadcast around his community from his bedroom. He’s taken his passion to actual radio studios where he functions as an immensely creative Producer who speaks fluent English and Ibibio. He also offers voice overs and radio imaging and production services via his InkCraft Media platform. This is an excerpt from his facebook series #RadioTalks and it resonates with so much familiarity… If the critics’ reviews are anything to go by then this thwarts #batmanvsuperman Continue reading “OAP Vs. BROADCASTER: RADIO TALKS WITH EKEMINI JOSEPH”


Obinna Agwu has been in the business of Music Promotion as well as A&R  for a while and definitely knows his onions (MI in recent times and currently, Timi Dakolo). His opinions about albums in his reviews are very enlightening and here are a few excerpts from his recent tweets about the must knows regarding the Nigerian Music Business.


Dear Artiste, Dear Label, Oya o…

Cue Biggie’s Ten Crack Commandments Instrumental



We have heard it said often…

Necessity is the mother of invention.

But what does it really mean?

when the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it. – Oxford Dictionary


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I joined a Radio Imaging and Production Public Group on Facebook. I have had some of the most incredible insights on what this often overlooked key feature, does and is still doing for radio. And then someone had to ask this question. I promised I would collate the best answers and feature them as a blog post for reference purposes on my site.


Voice Over specialist, Rob Ryan asked:
“In your own opinion, what does radio imaging do for your radio station? Do you ever feel it gets ratings? What’s its purpose in 2016?”

And they answered…

Paul A. Huddleston –  If done correctly, good imaging can give your listeners a feel for the attitude of your station. Bad imaging can confuse listeners. Good imaging also helps build a sense of community, like the listener is part of a club or group that is tied together through the station. There are, IMHO very few stations that inspire the kind of single station devotion that was seen 20-30 years ago, and a really good overall station imaging package can attempt to get that feeling back for the listener.

Blake Keele –  I think you should start your production session with the mind set that you are going to make it as perfect as you are capable of making it……regardless of how much time it takes……with the goal of making your station sound as fucking awesome as you can. The sense of pride that comes from that can’t be bought. Driving down the road and hearing that piece come on between two songs with your radio cranked, and it sounds perfect. That’s the money shot. Damn I miss that shit!

Matt Cundill –  I double as a radio consultant when I am not doing voiceover. Here’s what I tell radio clients. Get a Voice that is great and pay them a lot. That person is on the air after every song or every other song. The voice should have personality and be dynamic and larger than life.

Shawn Tempesta -Television has logos and graphics to make their mark. Imaging is the audio trademark of the station. Much like the logo on the news shouldn’t take over the whole screen, imaging shouldn’t be too long, or stale, for its own good. But when done right, it makes listening to that station unmistakable.
Jeff Jaxon  – Imaging is the face of the station and the clothes, the jewelry, and the accessories that the station wears. The content is the personality.

David Tyler – Radio imaging is the artwork that’s on the box of the radio product. It helps to identify it on a crowded radio dial, in the same way the bright red and white design of a case of coke does at the grocery store.

Matt Cundill – I will further David Tyler’s comments and say that imaging is the best way to brand your product. So hire a great imaging and production person. No longer is music a branding component on the station as everyone has access to all the songs now.
Sam Phelps –  It’s called ‘perception without awareness’, a very real phenomenon. When you walk down the street you see lots of people, but at the end of your trip, if someone asked how many people you crossed and what they looked like, at best you might pick out a couple which really stood out. Just because you can’t remember or describe them, we all know that doesn’t equal no people were seen on your travels… You perceived them, but weren’t aware. Imaging is like this, it’s the perception of the feeling… You don’t hear the difference, you feel the difference.
Geoff Scott –  its ‘the face’ of the station, a friend who says the things that makes them welcome us into their lives, and stand out from the rest of the clutter of the dial. It also, done properly makes it seem like a person is there who cares about you and the community and not just a meaningless playlist of nonsequiteur music. It says ‘yeah we’re professional & personable’ and not ‘yeah we’re a webstream with a stick’

Thinking of joining the family too? just click on: RADIO IMAGING & PRODUCTION


So Inspiration FM 92.3’s Debola Adebanjo featured my bloop story in her debut #RadioDiaries and while she wishes her assumptions of what happened that night in the studio were true, I was just blabbing to myself o, thinking I was talking to anyone!!!

Enjoy the read…

Broadcaster – Tony Onwuchekwa

Radio/Code Name – Tony Doe.

Tony shares with us a bloop he had on-air not too long ago during his time working daily on radio. (Yeah, he is his own boss now, providing all your radio/audio needs as a bad ass Consultant). Back to the Story.
Tony knew it was important to use headphones in the studio to be well aware of the quality of output to the airwaves and other audio needs in the studio, but he knew how much after one major bloop ➖➖➖➖ ” There are those who swear by the headphones or head cans in the studio and those that do not. I am one of the former and since that rainy night in 2008 – I have sworn by them or the earpiece attached to my phone which acts as a default radio monitoring device. Why? You see, I was having fun on the graveyard shift that night, and thought I had the most awesome 2 minute conversation with the listener without the head can on – only to discover a phone call from the boss later, that there had been dead air. An almost unforgiveable faux pas if the cause isn’t technical! “. ➖➖➖➖➖** Pause!, in Simpler English ** Tony picked a call from a listener, was talking to the girl(can bet my money it was a girl), but no one else heard the conversation probably because a button was off, and the raunchy late night conversation ended up circling in the studio, like a trapped ghost, but he didn’t know ’cause his headphones was not on his head. (OK, That should do) ** Ohh but I am right ** ➖➖➖➖ ” What had happened was that I had pushed up the wrong fader (deck A) while the mic fader was still down.
Lots of coffee and push-ups ensured that never happened again. ” ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖🚫
Hahaha. 🎧 🎧 🎧
Follow Tony on Twitter – @tonydoevo you’d find out more about him, especially if you are looking to get into radio.
He is a radio talent coach in Production and Presentation and a genius, trust me. – ‘Debola


My good friend Kingsley Obum-Egbulem has embarked on a national campaign to save the Nigerian child from irresponsibility, targeting the parents as vanguards of the moral institution.

What began as notes shared on social media has led him to develop a series of podcasts where he shares…

 profound and unconventional truths that have shaped his parenting journey and that of many parents who have committed to purposeful parenting.


And guess who provides his intro and outro?

Listen below:


For more parenting resources:

Twitter: @kingsley257, @parentingnowng

Call: 08053788199





Global Links Travel Expo was a HUGE success as lots of free airline tickets to various destinations were won, some couples won complimentary nights at a luxury hotel, DSTV/GOTV decoders were also won among other exciting freebies and giveaways.
Congrats to Tony Doe Onwuchekwa whose media services were recognized and appreciated.

We believe God that IJE 2017 will be a continuous reflection of God’s glory who makes all things possible! – Catherine Onwuchekwa, PR Head, Global Links & Services Ltd., Travel & Tours

I am chuffed to bits right now and also immensely grateful to the Global Links Travels team for the recognition. It’s always a pleasure working with you and I look forward to many more projects!

Meanwhile, will there be a packaged trip to Dubai in the summer?

Looking forward to the sun and beaches…



The good folks at Global Links Services Travel & Tours hired me recently to do a multimedia feature for a March 12, 2016 scheduled event.

This event has served as a platform for the Travel and Hospitality Industry to bring their services and products closer to their target customers, especially those in the South-East and South-South Region of Nigeria.

They are upping the ante this year as they intend to help clients:

· Establish a presence in the global market,
· Highlight promotion of new products,
· Increase market share of their products,
· Foster relationships with new & existing clients,
· Extend the brand reach & grow corporate images

There’ll lots of freebies and giveaways at this event!


IJE 2016 PROMO [Motion Graphics+Voice-Over] from Tony Doe Onwuchekwa on Vimeo.

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