A trip to Dubai for our sophomore honeymoon (after 3 years of bliss) was on the cards initially but we decided to visit the Whispering Palms again as we had done in December 2015 with my mum and son in tow. This time it was strictly for the couple and we had 3 nights to play with!

We spent a whole day visiting tourist attractions with echoes of the slave trade era and early missionary visits.

Our logistics Manager, Mr. Moses regaled us with tales involving the relationship between the Awori Tribe and the Egun (Ogu) People. He made us understand that the Aworis were the original residents of Badagry who had a trade agreement with the Egun People who were expert fishermen, allowing the latter take up residence as they continued their fish trade.

We visited the Badagry Heritage Museum, the recorded 1st Storey Building in Nigeria and the 1st Primary School where our tour guides Michael and Ezekiel navigated us through history. We even got to see the room where Bishop Ajayi Crowther reportedly, translated the Bible to Yoruba and how the early Primary School classes consisted of men well in their 40s and above!

Rev. Dr. Crowther began translating the Bible into the Yoruba language and compiling a Yoruba dictionary. In 1843, a grammar book which he started working on during the Niger expedition was published, and a Yoruba version of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer followed later. H also began codifying other language. Following the British Niger Expeditions of 1854 and 1857, Crowther produced a primer for the Igbo language in 1857, another for the Nupe language in 1860, and a full grammar and vocabulary of Nupe in 1864. In 1864, Crowther was ordained as the first African Bishop of the Anglican Church.

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We got to see the various items used in exchange for goods and services and I learnt where the term “not worth a brass farthing” came from!

My morbid fear of the lagoon prevented us from taking a boat ride to the “Point of no Return” – but the stories were still as haunting.

The rest of our honeymoon was spent watching How To Get Away with Murder and stuffing ourselves with some exceptional culinary courtesy of the Whispering Palm’s kitchen!

If you’re looking for a place to be self-absorbed, detached and at peace with yourself (away from the pressures of clients, self imposed deadlines, etc), you may want to try out The Whispering Palms.

Note: We avoided the Valentine Weekend Rush. And did I mention my wife’s a Travel Consultant?

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Below are some photos we took:




Author: Tony Doe

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