What you are about to read is in Pidgin and begins my feature of fun characters I have encountered on Radio.

Na so I take enter compound that morning around 9.30am. Oga Georgie stand outside studio door dey light up im benson.

As e see me, na so e begin voke!

“Wetin dey do your phone? We don dey call you since yesterday say make you come handle breakfast, your phone no connect!!!”

Ah. Na wa. I been don tell my ogas before say my phone get wahala as e dey off on im own. I come wonder why dem dey desperate to reach me like dat. After all na around 6.30pm I comot for compound de previous day na.

Oga Georgie flick im cigarette nod give me say make I follow am enter studio. E come yan say…

“Anyway pesin don dey on the show. Today na im baptism of fire.”

Na so I enter studio o, throw eye upon one lenge lenge bros wey just dey caress microphone like pesin wey don dey do radio tey tey. But I never see im face before.

I siddon dey observe am. Everything wey Baba Femo wey dey do breakfast dey do, na so my guy replicate am come add im own jara put. The ease with which dis bros handle de show eh, impress me die so tey I begin famz immediately!

As e sign off, na so I grab im hand come give am dat guy man half hug!

“Guy, you killed it o! How come I never see you before?”

E laff come tell me say e never too tey when im begin dey follow Baba Femo dey enter studio early morning o!

I tell am say me and am go yarn soon but make I arrange to do the mid-morning/lunch shift.


E no reach 2 months, Adesege Adeniji aka Westsyde turn superstar o. The combination of im wit and uncommon flexibility na im begin win am fans o. De wan wey come be icing on de cake, na when e introduce the Don Diggy character. Nobody dey wan miss am once Westsyde dey on duty.

Later that year Westsyde bag best Radio Personality, some of my own “fans” been vex but to talk true my guy impact dey more visible that year, we even siddon together dey yab other winners before dem call am go collect im award.

Today my guy na correct veteran o…e still dey use im humour and intelligence as e dey entertain and inform listener dem on weekends for City FM.

Westsyde na my guy and im na beta radio pesin!!!




Author: Tony Doe

Voice-Overs, Radio Imaging & Production, Podcasts, Internet Radio.