January 11, 2016 Radio 2
A deep passion for the Radio Broadcast profession has compelled me to put a few thoughts together on the best way to go about Radio Presentation or to highlight the true qualities of today’s On-Air-Personality.
Raw Voice Talent. A radio friendly drawl, a voice that sounds like the owner has a permanent smile. A voice that evokes joy even in the depth of despair. A voice when heard over the airwaves convinces the listener of its utterance. It could be deep, serious, and yet cheery! A voice matters. Maybe not as much as it used to with quite a number of raspy individuals who get away with large fan bases today but you must have a VOICE!
When you’re sure of what you have and if it suits your desire to go on radio and disturb the peace, you must know how to use your Voice. Inflections, low tones, phonetics and proper diction. This you need to study for. There are many schools online who offer these lessons. You can watch your favourite Television shows but I do beg you to exercise discretion when picking mentors from the tube. Watch Newscasts. For those who have satellite television, listen up for English Adverts too. Learn how to use and refer to your copy of the Cambridge Pronouncing Dictionary. Once you sound right, you won’t be worried about having an accent.
Imitate other voices. Yes, do this but not for long. Do it to have a gauge of what you may sound like until you’re sure of how you should sound. Quickly ditch that which has been imitated and comfortably come into your own.
And now, for the short bursts dedicated to the employed OAP…
#‎DearPresenter, absorb your environment, know your community. It fosters kinship with your listener.
#‎DearPresenter, your allegiance is to the listener who depends on you for authoritative information education & entertainment.
#‎DearPresenter, you lost the call not the caller.
Hope you find thes tips useful?
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  1. Olaitan Meadows says:

    The part of “you lost the call, not the caller” really cracked me up. Nice article.

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